One hour of ORA Validation


Have you completed your risk assessment in ORA? Now you can contact us in order to get your RA validated. Just send us an email and we’ll evaluate it and provide you with the number of hours the validation will take (depending on the type of risk assessment and complexity).

Once the hours are agreed upon via email, you can purchase the validation hours from the Blumano Store.

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Blumano’s Risk Assessment Validation Service supplies you with a simple way to get your RA validated if you have the ORA Basic package with your StageDB account.

With this service you can send us an email request to validate your ORA generated RA once it nears completion. Our experts will analyse it based on the type and complexity and will give you the hours needed for validation.

When the validation hours are agreed upon via email, you can quickly purchase them from the Blumano Store and keep your costs at a minimum.

IMPORTANT: Please note this service is only for ORA generated risk assessments created from StageDB accounts with ORA Basic.